The name of this blog site comes from the river Limmat that passes our home town Zürich (Switzerland) on its way to the Rhine.

The Zürich region is a hotbed of Internet of Things activities, from research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), through corporate research centers, to startups.

We are an ETH spinoff, although not a startup any- more - we had our 25th anniversary a while ago. Our focus is and has been Internet of Things software - since before this term has even been coined. Our board of directors includes the creator of the programming language Pascal, Prof. Niklaus Wirth as an honorary member. In the spirit of his work, we care for lean software, modular architectures, safe high-level languages - and how to apply these elements to low-cost microcontroller systems. With the connectivity to the Internet, security has become another central quality that is needed - even on resource-constrained IoT endpoint hardware.

Oberon microsystems AG

Neugasse 10

8005 Zürich