Oberon double winner of Swiss Innovation Challenge

Cool, we have won two awards at the same time, for the SwissInnovation Challenge: one for innovation, one for internationalization.

At an event of the Swiss chamber of commerce of Basel Land, Tag der Wirtschaft, Oberon was named a winner of the SwissInnovation Challenge in the presence of Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer. Moreover, Oberon also won the special award for internationalization. In 2016, the SwissInnovation Challenge has been held for the second time by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

In the Internet of Things, a high degree of security is essential. While advanced security standards are widely available for the Internet, this is not yet the case for resource-constrained devices. Oberon has recognized this fact and has implemented highly secure cryptographic algorithms for such devices. Thanks to novel optimizations, run time and memory consumption was minimized, so that the Oberon software can even run on low-cost microcontrollers, as they are used in home devices. For example, the implementation easily fits on the Bluetooth chips of Nordic Semiconductor, where opening a secure connection takes less than the tenth of a second.

“Cryptography is a challenging topic, and we want to support device manufacturers as well as possible to make their devices ‘smart’ in a secure way”, Dr. Cuno Pfister explains at the award ceremony.

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