Asking for a favor...

Hello, Cuno Pfister here. I’d like to ask you a small favor.

We're close to finalizing the design of our new Limmat hardware and firmware, for a highly customizable reference design for Bluetooth Smart to Internet gateways. Limmat will allow access from the Web to Bluetooth Smart sensors (e.g., tem- perature sensors), actuators (e.g., light bulbs), or beacons (e.g., iBeacons, or smartphones programmed as beacons). We have been working on this techno- logy since 2011 and are finally going to wrap it up.

Limmat can be usable for person or asset tracking, e.g. to detect smart crates entering or leaving a warehouse, for lighting control, for the monitoring of smart environments (from industrial plants to smart gardens), etc.

However, I need your help. Before we finalize everything, I would like to make sure we have covered all the right things for the initial release. This is where you come in. If you might have a use for such a "Smart Environment Gateway", please take a few minutes to answer my brief (!) survey.

You can answer my four questions here:

go to questionnaire

Thanks very much in advance! If you have questions, please let me know (


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