Limmat connects Bluetooth Low Energy devices with the Web.

Limmat is a gateway hardware and software platform that we customize for you. You obtain a license for the optimized design, or we help you with production.

Development Process

There are mainly three steps in the development process of an Internet of Things product where we can support you: prototyping, customization and production.


For your IoT product, you need a gateway between Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and the Web. Use a Limmat evaluation kit as prototype of such a device, so that you can focus on the endpoints: your sensors and your Web services.

If you don't have sufficient internal development resources, we may be able to support you with our know-how and our engineering services as well, e.g. for developing Bluetooth Low Energy sensor firmware, for the integration with an IoT cloud platform, or for writing iOS and Android apps.


We customize the Limmat hard- and software according to your specific needs. The result is an optimized product design: perfectly integrated into your environment, branded for your company, certified and ready for manufacturing.


We manage the production of your device, or license the design files and firmware to you. Either way, Limmat can be a highly cost-effective and lean solution to your gateway needs - without the project risks and time-to-market delays of starting from scratch.