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Limmat is a gateway hardware and software platform that we customize for you. You obtain a license for the optimized design, or we help you with production.

Oberon and the Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote

I've been relatively silent on this blog for a while, because we've been (and still are) heavily absorbed by our HomeKit business (see also this blog post or the separate site HomeKit was announced by Apple two years ago, at WWDC 2014. That we could enter this new ecosystem was a matter of serendipity, of being at the right place at the right time - made possible because of work we've done earlier for the Limmat gateway.

Currently, WWDC 2016 is taking place. On Monday, we've been (very...) pleasantly surprised to see our company logo on Apple's stage. During the keynote, no less. In front of 5000 developers and uncounted viewers of the live stream. HomeKit is a huge and complex ecosystem play, but is slowly switching into higher gear. Looks like our work is beginning to bear fruit.

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